Pepps Pepper

​​Producer  Mixer  Composer  Musician

Pepper has always been attracted to innovation. His career began in the early 80s as a keyboard/Drum electro pioneer. Early experiments included working with Daniel Dax (of ‘A Company of Wolves’ fame - sampling discordant toy guitars and Japanese Monks), programming with Fuzz Townsend (Pop Will Eat Itself) and signing a deal with EMI Music Publishing (Paris). Recording in Eastcote studios London, rubbing shoulders with Elastica, Depeche Mode, Steve D’Agostino (John Fox) and Producers Philip Bagenal (owner of Eastcote) and Jay Burnett (Simple Minds, Edwin Starr). This was a formative and exciting time, where his love affair with music production and composition formed. His orchestral training also came to the fore, with his talent for arrangement and piano composition being key features.


Key projects to date include:

• Score mix 5.1 + Album Mix for “Strike” (Mango-France) Animated Movie 2019.Gigglefish Films: Director Trevor Hardy. Feat Ken Stott. Peter Davison Composition.

• Film Mix and additional Music for “Something Quite Peculiar” Documentary about Steve Kilby and The Church.

• Trailer Score x2 for Summer 03. Blue Fox Entertainment. Feat: Joey King- Jack Kilmer. USA Cinema. ITunes/ Movie.

•Production/development with Amanda May for Alan Mcgee Creation23 Label.

• Bespoke sound design and performance for University of Sussex Science department ,Haptics Ultrasound levitation. BBC Click.

• Mixing and programming on the classical crossover project ‘Remastered’ (EMI Classics) by Sasha Putnam and Chris Coco, 

• Co-producing Holotronica 3D Album with audio-visual pioneer and 3D inventor Stuart Warren Hill (Big Chill Label), mixing High Frequency Bandwidth (The Orb) as part of the project, co-writing and programming much of the album, creating 5.1 / binaural mixes. Touring the project, live performance on Synth/FX, demonstrating Holo-Gauze 3D with the Holotronica bespoke sound track. Holo-Gauze has recently been adopted by Lady Gaga (the Bowie tribute at The Grammys) and Beyoncé (Tidal X: 1015).

• Composition of the top line for the Monster Tunes classic ‘Celestial’ release by Brisky 

• Composition, Mixing and Re-mixing for Celtic Legend (Coverdrive Records) with Chris Payne (Gary Numan band) 

• Mixing, Vocal Production and Re-mixing - Dave Hemmingway solo project (Beautiful South),

• Mixing Swing Oddity (electro jazz on HPA Records)

• Album mixes for DJ Tim Healy and Pete Martin’s ‘Coburn’ project (Frontier Records), Yam Yam (No Nation) Afrobeat.

• Remixing Tom Middleton (Big Chill Label), Sam Frank (Gut Records), Sparrow (Numbskull HQ), Mano De Dios (Jackson Scott/Trapeze Partners), Zoe Konez (TCF), Joshua Whitehouse/More Like Trees (BBE), Pythia (Golden Axe), Al-Pha-X (iLabel), Headway (Geffen Records), The Ferns (Whirlwind Records), Willow Robinson (Clark & McGee/Warner).


Pepps has gained a solid reputation over the years as a brilliant vocal producer - working with singers like Marcella Detroit, McQueen, Dan Rowe (of Polaroid), folk legends Beverly Martin and The Copper Family, Emily Ovenden (Mediaeval Baebes) and Claire Martin (OBE) Live. Whilst Production managing Bliss Studios in East Sussex (owned by Hollywood Actor Patrick Bergin) he also recorded voice-overs for numerous advertising clients - including sessions with Chris Eubank (Boxer), Ian Ogilvy (The Saint), Liza Goddard (Actress), Christopher Martin Jenkins MBE (Cricket Commentator) and Patrick Bergin. 

Production and composition sessions for advertising and sync clients include – Zealot, Blue Fox Entertainment, ABTV, Pride, Cointreau, Beach World Volley World Championship, Beachdown Festival, ZT Fight School, Dynamite Boogaloo, Kabuki, Hanbury Ballroom, Earthrace, The Lady Boys of Bancok and a song on the motion picture sound-track of ‘Songs for Amy’ (featuring Sean Maguire).


Live sound has also always been an abiding passion for Pepps, he has been a front of house engineer at The Royal Albert Hall, The Sage Gateshead, The Big Chill, The Great Escape, Spiegeltent, Birmingham Conservatoire, BBC Introducing(live). 

He is Co-Director of the label services company Total Creative Freedom Ltd (distributed by Proper since 2010) who release records by vocal sensation Jo Harman (whose new album was produced in Nashville by Fred Mollin).